xPool.net is a premier P2Pool node that runs on dedicated server equipment in a world class datacenter.
Maximize your mining and help secure the blockchain by using xPool.net!

Why use xPool.net?

  • Zero Fees! We operate on your donations.
  • Start mining right away!
  • No need to register an account or remember any passwords
  • Blocks found paid instantly - no waiting for pool confirmations
  • Block finder bonus (0.5% of the block payout)
  • All transaction fees paid to miners - most pools keep these to themselves
  • Nothing stored on pool server - nothing to lose or steal
  • Cleanly minted coins right to your wallet - No transaction history
  • Shares maintained switching between nodes
  • Shares continue to be paid in case of an outage - other nodes will continue to pay your valid shares

Getting Started

Simply point your mining rig(s) to the URL of your desired coin with your wallet address for the username and anything for the password.

For example, to mine Digitalcoin you would use:

cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://xpool.net:8810 -u [your dgc address] -p x

And that's it!

Do NOT use an online or exchange wallet address!
They will have no way of knowing that the mined coins belong to you. ONLY use an address from your own personal wallet.

Make sure you use a valid wallet address. If an invalid wallet address is used you will not receive a payout. Mining with an invalid wallet address will be considered a donation to the pool.

Mining Ports
Coin Stratum URL Getwork URL Location Node Stats
Digitalcoin stratum+tcp://xpool.net:8810 http://xpool.net:8810 US West Digitalcoin
Craftcoin stratum+tcp://xpool.net:8830 http://xpool.net:8830 US West Craftcoin
Anoncoin stratum+tcp://xpool.net:8850 http://xpool.net:8850 US West Anoncoin
Globalcoin stratum+tcp://xpool.net:8860 http://xpool.net:8860 US West Globalcoin
Nyancoin stratum+tcp://xpool.net:8870 http://xpool.net:8870 US West Nyancoin


In support of miners and the health of the various blockchains we have zero fees. Please help us to continue to do so by considering a donation. Alternatively you can mine with an invalid wallet address to donate to the pool.

Bitcoin 1NvWyNnzDuhfqXtfQyso5hQ4ygcP2dZp2V
Litecoin LQgjHVugooxdrEf86Seaxj1BC7G7HjWPfe
Digitalcoin DGxYocsHhNwYdcv7EJ4g3q9BXgivhRXAGy
Worldcoin WgHv6cjRbntvPbB5VU7iKxX4Qr9xnRL1g1
Craftcoin QDmXtFbthh3RSVbBhokhUAut3b4VXXyX28
Casinocoin CULBdTbegjM6gdXyYCJp2YusQ96YyG6BsU
Anoncoin AP6RT4SXzJRWDzyJjBomvrXZcpdYGR23im
Globalcoin 75VeACcYdXBACLtbyw1piBFqzH3FPFrgSj
Nyancoin KU5ch7yj1PfXVKUijB6PUnceGjzEhq1yg2
Dogecoin DCJ4Q5QQpTuwxNrzYVttzs7jAEo3Y6qf5G
Bitmark bCw1GkcKHkanKyvUVVdUEJ5wRveYMaP1ys

Pool Source Code

Start your own P2Pool node using the same source code xpool.net uses: https://github.com/CartmanSPC/p2pool